About Us


At SPROUT NOLA, we work towards nutritional justice by making farming accessible to everyone— that means anyone who wants to farm as a hobby, as a career, or anywhere in between. We build community around growing food and bridge the gaps in resources for farmers of all kinds. Most of our initiatives for bridging these gaps fall into one of these three categories:


Farmer Training and coalitions

SPROUT supports organizations that help farmers of many different scales. In partnership with LSU, Acadiana Food Alliance, and the Crescent City Farmer’s Market, we facilitate Grow LA, a USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program. We supplement Grow LA with community classes, office hours, community support, and workshops. For more established farmers, we help facilitate CRAFT, a coalition of farmers who meet to discuss their businesses and share ideas to become more successful, all while building community around local agriculture.



We facilitate a community garden on-site at the ReFresh project. This 30+ member garden builds bonds between neighbors with programming four days a week (September-June) and a monthly gardener potluck. By creating social spheres that revolve around healthy, local food, we take a holistic approach to nutritional justice, encouraging people to enjoy every step of the process of food.

Our Farmer’s Market and Truck Farm Table are outlets for small-scale farmers to sell their goods and keep the profits. In a food system that often exploits its farmers, it is important to maintain these marketplaces which are designed with the farmer in mind.


advocating for equitable policy change

SPROUT organizes on a city, state and national level to grow support for the farmers of the Gulf South. Our work is to increase awareness of the challenges facing all small-scale farmers like agricultural land-loss, lack of land access, marketing and economic challenges as well as difficult to navigate systems. With our finger on the pulse of the needs of our agricultural community, we are able to make informed policy suggestions to help create systems-level change to benefit local growers. We believe that farmers need to be at the center of plans to fix a food system that is struggling to retain them.