Local food and urban farming aren't hip

They're tradition. New Orleans has a strong agricultural backbone, but our modernized food system has left many local growers behind. New farmers entering the field are often unable to find resources and support to continue the challenging task of growing food in the deep South and subsequently quit or can't support themselves off of farming. 

A food system is the path that food travels from a farm to your table. Every step of growing, harvesting, processing, transporting, selling, consuming, and disposing of food involves people. Every community has it's own unique food system. When a food system relies heavily on products from far away then small, local farmers suffer and consumers don't get fresh, local food. For New Orleans to have a healthy food system we need farmers who are economically stable, empowered, and supported. We need consumers who love their farmers and local food. We need city-wide support of green infrastructure that allows for food production in city-limits. And we need you to help. 


Community Gardeners

The ReFresh Community Farm is home to over 30 community gardeners who participate on a weekly basis in growing food as individuals and collectively. ReFresh community gardeners are available to talk 4 days a week at the garden and help teach classes and give tours of the farm. 



Community Classes

SPROUT NOLA staff has taught over 150 community classes since 2011, almost all completely free to the community. We offer classes for everyone from home gardeners to expirienced farmers looking to learn new technology. 



Pounds Of Food Produced

SPROUT NOLA has grown over 8,000 pounds of community food and has a goal of growing 2,500 pounds in 2018 alone.