Broad Corridor Community Garden Network

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The purpose of the BCCG network is to create a network of community gardens and gardeners throughout the Broad corridor neighborhood and New Orleans. We want to connect school gardens, neighborhood gardens, and nonprofits so that we can share resources and knowledge. Through these connections we hope to achieve the following:

  • Provide logistical and practical support to beginner and established gardeners

  • Aggregate and circulate resources between participatory gardens.

  • Build community connections within and outside the garden network.

  • Create a platform to share knowledge intra- and inter-communally.

  • Increase involvement of the Broad Street Corridor community in our local food system!

The BCCG network would meet twice a year at a partner garden so that we can get to know each other through sharing resources, knowledge, food, and more! This could look like a member of BCCG hosting a workshop on organic pest control or how to get more beneficial bugs into your garden. It could also look like a big potluck gathering where we all share our harvests with each other. The beauty of this network is that everyone can have a say in how this network should look.

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