School Garden Assessment

Your school garden can be as small as a potted plant or as big as a farm, no matter the size you need to have support and resources to keep your garden functional. Fill out this quick assessment for discussion during Garden Teacher Training. We’ll brainstorm solutions to any weaknesses and plan for a vibrant outdoor learning environment!


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Does your school have an existing garden? *
If so, is it functional? *
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My school has a long-term funding plan for our garden
My school offers a support system for the teachers using and planning the garden (this can include an extra planning period, relief from bus duty, administrative demonstrations of support etc.)
If I were to stop leading my school garden it would continue.
I know the person/people who handle landscaping, weed-whacking and mowing of the area around our garden or future garden.
Students have been asked for input and told about plans for the garden.
We have water within 50 feet of the garden.
There is a summer maitainence plan for the garden in place, or being discussed.
The garden is reasonably accessible on holidays and weekends.
We have a plan for communicating that the garden is being used during class periods (sign-up sheet, email blast, etc.)